Now this society is a face-to-face era, many people look and the actual age is very different, some people in their 40s, but it seems to be only 30 years old, on the contrary, some people are 40 years old, but they seem to have 60 years old. Aging is inevitable, so what is it about aging? The human body's aging, wrinkles appear, the root cause is the aging and reduction of cells, stem cell proliferation and differentiation ability weakened, resulting in insufficient new cell supplementation, aging cells can not be replaced in time, so there are wrinkles, lost youthful appearance.

Stem cells are resistant to decay

   Stem cell anti-decay is a new type of anti-decay technology, not only can be used to the skin anti-decay wrinkle, but also can effectively delay the aging of tissue organs, and constantly provide vitality, keep the body young. Now stem cell anti-decay has been the attention of all sectors of society, stem cells can resist the cause is because cell aging is the essence of human aging, if you can replace the aging cells, to achieve the balance between new cells and aging cells, delay aging may become a reality. During the aging process, stem cells are constantly lost, so aging can be delayed by replenishing stem cells in a timely manner.

What can stem cells do to fight aging?

   Stem cells can improve the body's metabolism, injected into the human body's stem cells, can be directly involved in cell metabolism, can also be involved in cell metabolism through the secretion of cytokines. Stem cell anti-decay can also improve skin, protect skin health, stem cells have the role of beauty and beauty, can restore the skin gloss elasticity, so that the skin can be really improved and improved. Stem cells can also enhance the body's immune function, dry cells can be directly differentiated into immune cells, enhance the body's immune capacity, maintain the body's immune balance.

Who is suitable for stem cell therapy?

  After years of research by scientists, the human body after entering the age of 25 began to gradually weaken, the body's function began to decline, for people with the following conditions, may consider stem cell anti-decay treatment. High stress, stress at work and sub-healthy populations; people with degenerative internal organ function; people with endocrine disorders; people with degenerative immune systems; and people with pre-aged and premature body failure. Stem cell anti-decay therapy can be used in people with these conditions.

The source of stem cells

   Stem cells come from three main sources: autologous stem cells, allogeneic stem cells and heterogeneous stem cells. Autologous stem cells are the patient's own stem cells, which can avoid rejection reactions and can be treated with stem cells from the patient's own blood, fat, and bone marrow. Allogeneic stem cells are treated with cells that are not excreted by donors and receptors, usually from the umbilical cord or placenta. Heterogeneous stem cells are stem cells grown from animals and, of course, cells that do not have a rejection reaction between the donor and the receptor.

   In short, stem cell resistance can restore elasticity and luster to the skin, improve skin quality. Stem cells can also regulate the body's sub-health, such as heart rate, memory loss, mental deficiency and other conditions. Stem cell resistance is a very serious problem, because anti-aging stem cell extraction, culture, re-injection of these steps are very rigorous, so we choose this way of treatment must choose a legitimate, qualified medical institutions.  

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