●  The application of stem cell technology has achieved a new breakthrough in anti-aging


 ▎ Anti-aging effect

Anti-aging effect of mesenchymal stem cells
   Local injection application: improve skin tone, fill depressions, refine pores, etc., make people 5-10 years younger; can be used in combination with autologous fat to increase the survival rate of fat.
Systemic injection application: Using the special "homing" principle of stem cells, by identifying the "signals" released by aging and damaged cells, it can locate the part in the body that needs repair and regeneration, and differentiate into specific cells in that part, and at the same time help the body better Complete the "waste" metabolism... to achieve the overall improvement of the body's functions.



 ▎ Anti-aging effect


Mesenchymal stem cell beauty and anti-aging effect
  Improve skin condition and return to youthful skin
  The loose skin becomes smoother, firmer, moisturized, and the complexion becomes whiter; the fine wrinkles disappear, the thick wrinkles become lighter, and the facial spots become lighter;
   Delay aging and keep young
   Female breasts and buttocks become firmer and more elastic, and the body recovers better from youthfulness.
  Improve nervous system function, improve mental state
  Improved sleep, energetic, enhanced memory, increased hair or turned gray hair to black hair;
   Regulate immune function and improve endocrine
   Increased sexual function, improved male prostate function, female endocrine regulation and ovarian care effects, and improved menopausal symptoms;
The application of stem cell technology has achieved a new breakthrough in anti-aging, making anti-aging not only to improve the skin, but also to "rejuvenate" from the inside out, marking the rapid development of the field of anti-aging. Mesenchymal stem cell anti-aging therapy is a plastic surgery technology. A model of integration with modern high technology.


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